COP26 Review webinar 24.11.21

Russell Seymour was joined by an expert panel to discuss the COP26, the outcomes and what that might mean for sport going forward.

Sky Net Zero Match – a conversation – 27.10.21

Hosted by our partners, Sky Sports, this webinar reviewed #GameZero, the first ever major net zero carbon football match. Contested between two BASIS members Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea FC, the match aimed to demonstrate the green steps needed towards a zero-carbon future, raise awareness of the threat of climate change and inspire fans to make […]

Single use vs reusable serviceware – 03.06.20

The Kia Oval’s Alex Lewis, Venue Director and Jon Surtees, Head of Communications at the Kia Oval along with Paul Foulkes-Arellano, Founder, Sustainable Design Alliance discuss the future of single use serviceware post the pandemic. Issues such as the current thinking behind why reusable might be suspended for single use plastics and the ramifications. New […]

BASIS ten-point plan to Build Back Better

A ten-point plan for how the British sport and physical activity sector can Build Back Better for a more resilient, more sustainable future From June to November 2020 BASIS sought views on the sport and physical activity sector’s approach to sustainability and whether the sector could, and should, grasp the opportunity to build back better […]

The BASIS Plan to Build Back Better

Russell Seymour and Dom Goggins present the results of BASIS’ Build Back Better consultation, launched during the initial COVID-19 lockdown to help the sport sector think through how to seize the opportunity of a pause in operations to reflect and chart the course to a more sustainable future.

The Sustainability report – 25.08.21

This session was led by Matthew Cappelli, Touchline’s director and founder of The Sustainability Report. He explains how a holistic focus on sustainability can make a sports organisation more robust, better governed, and more likely to grow fanbases and commercial opportunities. Reflecting on contemporary research and inspiring case studies, this webinar will explain why environmental […]

The Rings of Fire – Heat in Tokyo – 28.07.21

This session was led by BASIS Communications Director Dom Goggins in conversation with Mike Tipton MBE, Professor of Human and applied Physiology based in the Extreme Environmental Laboratory at the University of Portsmouth. Mike is the leading expert and commentator on stress-testing human physiology. They ran through the way heat at the Olympics was being […]

Southampton Football Club – The Halo Effect – 16.06.21

This webinar covers an overview of Southampton Football Club’s journey to The Halo effect from when they first decided to explore ways to reduce their environmental impact, and the path that then took them on over the next 18 months to developing and launching a completely holistic sustainability strategy, ‘The Halo Effect’ in 2021.

Unlocking recreational sport – 27.05.21

Grassroots sport has been back for a month. Hear from those who have brought sport back to us, and  experiences of unlocking sport. hear the vital discussion about how we can help grassroots sport become more sustainable. How can recreational clubs reduce carbon emissions? What role can technology play? What more can National Governing Bodies […]

Rings of Fire – 28.07.21

How Heat Could Impact Tokyo 2021 Olympics “My own event, the marathon, being an outdoor endurance event, is especially vulnerable to what climate change might bring in the years to come. I sincerely hope that future generations of athletes will be able to compete safely in an Olympic marathon, as I was fortunate enough to […]