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Why Join?

  • Join a network of peers
  • Learn, develop and share best practice
  • Benchmark and improve performance
  • Make a difference
  • Be a champion
  • Grow leaders and Ambassadors
  • Promote successful stories
  • Shape the future of the sustainable sports sector

Member benefits

  • Free annual conference
  • Free workshops
  • Sport venue site visits
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Join an online forum of members and experts
  • A platform for sharing and promoting best practice
  • Access to resource
  • Sustainable sport certification scheme
  • Advisory board of experts in the sustainable sports arena
  • Right to vote on the future direction of BASIS

Who should join?

BASIS is open to anyone with an interest in applying sustainable development principles to sport. This could include:

  • Sports National Governing Bodies
  • Professional Sport Clubs
  • Amateur and Community Sports Clubs
  • Sports facility managers, operators and ground staff of professional stadia
  • University, schools and colleges Sports facilities or venues
  • Local Authority sport and leisure centres or venues
  • Academics and students with an interest
  • Suppliers of sport goods and services
  • Other companies with links to sport
  • Individuals, supporters, anyone with interest in sustainable sports


Please email [email protected] to discuss which member option is most suitable for you