Supporting Sustainability Throughout Our Sporting Nation

Upcoming events
BASIS is proud to be an Institutional Partner of the second Sustainable Innovation in Sport conference – the only large-scale, pan-European event focused on how sport can embrace and champion sustainability – taking place in Munich, Germany on 22-23 February 2017.
30+ speakers | 250+ attendees | 20+ countries represented
After a successful launch during the historic COP21 in Paris, BASIS joins the second edition of Sustainable Innovation in Sport along with 250+ high level leaders from federations, associations, sport teams, broadcasters, athletes, sport brands, UN groups, Government and NGOs who are promoting sustainability in sport and through sport.

Key industry stakeholders and leading influencers will not only discuss ways to directly reduce the environmental footprint of live events and venues, but also how to influence an unparalleled audience of consumers and fans towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

BASIS members are entitled to a 10% discount.

What is BASIS?

BASIS is a group of likeminded individuals, organisations, partners and providers from various organisations and a diversity of sports. Our vision is to nurture and promote sustainability and sustainable development in all aspects of sport through providing high quality support, resources and events.

We recognise sustainability in the broadest terms to include economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress.

We welcome new members to be part of this exciting group whose common desire is to manage our sporting activities in a more sustainable way.

What does BASIS do?

The objectives of BASIS are:

  • To educate, share and develop best practice and integrate sustainable development into all aspects of the sport sector;
  • To encourage and facilitate collaboration between all those interested in and concerned with sustainability and sport; and
  • To use the influence of sport to educate the public about sustainability issues.
Who should be part of BASIS?

BASIS is open to anyone with an interest in applying sustainable development principles to sport. This could include:

  • Sports Facility Managers of all types including professional stadia, University facilities and local authority venues.
  • Groundstaff
  • Community Sports Club Committee members
  • Academics and students with an interest
  • Suppliers and other companies with links to sport
What does BASIS offer
  • BASIS provides a central resource to promote sustainable development principles throughout the sporting community.
  • BASIS provides a national body available to all sports at all levels acting as a single point of contact with stakeholders; representing sport to other trade bodies; acting for the benefit of members in negotiations with providers; and working with members to improve sustainability performance.
  • BASIS offers benchmarking of performance against comparable clubs and organisations.