Supporting sustainability throughout our sporting nation

What does BASIS offer?

BASIS provides a central resource to promote sustainable development principles throughout the sporting community.

BASIS encourages and facilitates peer-to-peer collaboration and discussion between all those concerned with sustainability and sport.

BASIS offers bench-marking against comparable clubs and organisations


BASIS welcomes new members to be part of this exciting group of likeminded individuals, organisations, partners and providers from various organisations and a diversity of sports whose common thread is the desire to manage our sporting activities in a more sustainable way.

More information is available here or email


Members include

Emirates Stadium

England & Wales Cricket Board

Lord’s Cricket Ground

The Jockey Club

Twickenham Stadium


Recent Case Study:

 Arsenal F.C.

By the end of the 2011-2012 season, event waste at Emirates Stadium, the North London home of Arsenal F.C., was approximately 8 tonnes per day.

On average 25% was recycled with glass, cardboard and plastics separated on-site and baled. Read more