Webinar Playback

Sustainable sportswear clothing and sporting equipment

This webinar focuses on sportswear and equipment within the game of Cricket. But has a wider context for sports and athletic wear and sporting equipment. We cover design, manufacture, materials and supply chains to open the dialogue for awareness and understanding of the environmental & social impacts. The speakers discuss the next steps which could be taken by the sector to address the issue collaboratively. 

Social responsibility - addressing ethics, value and human rights in sport

Social responsibility – how are we addressing ethics, value and human rights in sports and sporting events? And is it working?  This webinar focussed on the world of sports and human rights and how they can come together to achieve positive change in the lives of people and society as a whole.

Emergency On Planet Sport - The Webinar

Join Jonathan Overend and Dom Goggins for a special session about the ground-breaking Emergency On Planet Sport podcast series. Hear about the project's origins and production before going in depth on the risk climate change poses to sport, and how the power of sport can be a game changer.  Also features Sky Sports' David Garrido, British Rower Melissa Wilson and BASIS' Russell Seymour

The development of the RYA's sustainability strategy

This session was led by Phil Horton, Environment and Sustainability Manager at the RYA and BASIS Management Board member. He took us through the sustainability strategy implemented by the RYA and how the approach was developed, how the strategy has been received, and how the RYA is continuing to develop along its sustainability journey. 

The BASIS Plan to Build Back Better

Russell Seymour and Dom Goggins present the results of BASIS' Build Back Better consultation, launched during the initial COVID-19 lockdown to help the sport sector think through how to seize the opportunity of a pause in operations to reflect and chart the course to a more sustainable future.  .

Sustainable Design and Build for Sport

Dan Epstein,  Eva Macnamara, Jonathan Platt and Vicky Aston discuss the practical implementation of low carbon solutions in sport. How can the professional and amateur sport use sustainable design to move towards Net Zero? What are the funding, planning and policy implications?  

The BASIS Certification Scheme

Sport affects, and is affected by, profound environmental, social and economic issues. It also has huge power to effect change. BASIS' flagship Certification Scheme helps you to work out how - and put your organisation on the road to sustainability.

Playing Against The Clock: In Conversation with David Goldblatt & Andrew Simms

 BASIS' Dom Goggins in conversation with football writer David Goldblatt and climate expert Andrew Simms to discuss the impact of climate change on sport, their Playing Against The Clock report, and the work of The Rapid Transition Alliance. 

In Conversation With Lord Deben

Lord Deben, Chair of the Climate Change Committee talks sport, sustainability and climate change with Dom Goggins, BASIS Communications DIrector. A lively and enlightening discussion. 

Sustainability at Wimbledon

WImbledon is the pinnacle of the tennis calendar.. With the 2020 Championships cancelled, we hear from Justin Smith, Head of Estate Development, and Hattie Park, Sustainability Manager, about their work to make the All England Club the pinnacle of sustainability in sport. The All England Club are proud members of BASIS.  

Sustainable Playing Surfaces

 The Football Association, England Hockey and the ECB discuss discuss the benefits of synthetic turf surfaces, including recycling and their end of life. A lively debate involving Notts Sports, SportsLabs, Tencate Grass and Re-Match, 4global and Tudor Grange Academies Trust. 

More Than A Game

 Matt Kabir Floyd speaks to Clare Conner, Managing Director of the Womens Game at the ECB and Lauren Smith, England and and GB Badminton international, about the role sport has to play in society. From the impact of Black Lives Matter on sport, to improving health and social outcomes,  they discuss how to drive lasting change. 

After The Pandemic: Unlocking Sport

 How will sport be unlocked after the pandemic? A group of experts from the supply industries discuss the changes and adaptations that will be required and how it might look to re-stage sport in the coming months and years. How can we strive to deliver sustainable sports events?

Communicating Sustainability

 How do we ensure that the message of sustainability continues to be at the forefront of sport's thinking when we emerge from the pandemic? Can it help to embed sustainable practices into match day delivery? Dom Goggins, Communications Director for BASIS leads a discussion on a new message for sport and how it can be rolled out. 

The Crowd Source - Best of Series

Concluding the BASIS  series of 12 webinars, this focuses on a number of  highlights, hearing from groups and organisations that have their own  sustainability stories to tell.     The R&A on their ground-breaking Golf Course 2030 project, as well  as the work of both the Extinction Rebellion Cricket Club and Planet  Earth Games. Participants share their own sustainability stories. The  webinar discusses the best ideas and starts to map out the future for  sustainability in sport.