BASIS is an association that integrates sustainable development principles into sport; we offer practical advice and support from people involved in sustainable management of sport at all levels. Our aim is to share best practice and develop our industry as a whole.

The objects of the Association are:

  • To educate, share and develop best practice and integrate sustainable development principles into all aspects of sport both in business and communities.
  • To encourage and facilitate collaboration between all those interested in and concerned with sustainability and sport.
  • To use the influence of sport to educate the public about sustainability issues.

BASIS is first and foremost a Members’ organisation run by and for the benefit of the Members. Anyone with an interest in applying sustainable development principles to sport can join BASIS if they support and/or would benefit from the objectives of the Association. BASIS offers categories of membership to suit all types and sizes of organisation from individuals to National Governing Bodies and including Academics, Universities, policy bodies, companies and corporations.