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The European Earth Charter

BASIS endorses the approach, principles, values and objectives contained in the Earth Charter.

We recognise the aims, definitions and structure provided by The European Sports Charter, especially Article 10 which refers specifically to sport and sustainable development. It requires that sporting activities be adjusted to the planet’s limited resources and are carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and balanced management of the environment. This includes planning and building facilities as well as their operation, and increasing the knowledge and understanding of participants, including athletes and fans.

Notwithstanding the emphasis placed on the environment by Article 10, BASIS recognises that sustainable development incorporates economic, environmental and social elements and adopts these ‘three pillars’ as fundamental to the core strategy.

We structure our activities in accordance with the recommendations of the European Code for Sustainability in Sport which indicates that sport in all its forms shares a responsibility with the whole of human society to nurture and safeguard the environment for both present and future generations. We do this by co-ordinating interactions between the sports practice sector, the academic sector and the policy sector to provide practical and realistic ways to achieve more sustainable sport.

We use the “One Planet Living approach to define and frame our impacts.