Context and Policy Direction

Sport is an important factor in the lives of many people; through participation it can be the main route to the outdoors and interacting with the environment, through engagement and support it leads to social bonding, interaction and shared experience. It is also a business with a significant economic impact.

Sport functions at all levels in society from individual exercise through grass-roots team sports up to professional sports teams and leagues with a world-wide audience. As such, sport has an ability to influence the public, policy makers and business and the responsibility to manage its own business in a sustainable manner. BASIS pulls together these strands into a single representative body working for sport.

BASIS aims to communicate sustainable development principles and best practice; research, harness and share best practice; educate, train, guide and advise; standardise and benchmark performance; and conduct research into sustainability and sport by providing a guidance framework for organisations developing their approach to sustainability; offering case studies of successful initiatives; providing access to other relevant resources (e.g. approved products or approved suppliers lists); offering advice on target setting, monitoring and reporting; organising meetings and forums; and producing relevant and timely information in the form of publications (e.g. newsletters, reports). BASIS also offers an independent data collection and assimilation service to provide objective data for benchmarking of venues, events and/or teams on a national scale.