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ITV Sport’s Royal Ascot and World Cup production teams have achieved albert certification for their 2018 coverage. Albert certification, administered by BAFTA, rewards productions that implement sustainable production techniques to achieve a carbon reduction against industry benchmarks. Royal Ascot’s coverage achieved the highest possible rating of three stars, with the World Cup coverage close behind with two star certification.

Both teams implemented a range of initiatives to reduce the impact of each production, from minimising waste by supplying staff with reusable water bottles and implementing opt-in printing for call sheets and scripts, to working with suppliers to ensure sets were fully recyclable.

Given the location of the World Cup, travel to Russia was unavoidable. The team have offset all their flights by supporting carbon offset projects in Panama and Columbia, a reminder of England’s World Cup journey.

ITV’s Productions Green Team, a cohort of colleagues representing all production genres, Technology and Corporate Responsibility, were an important support network for the Sport team. The group meet monthly to share best practice for improving the environmental impact of all ITV productions. This is one focus area of ITV’s wider Corporate Responsibility Strategy.

“We are incredibly proud of our achievements. Both production teams have worked hard to look at the areas in sport we control to reduce our carbon emissions. In areas that are out of our control, such as flights to key event destinations, we’ve worked with the ITV Responsibility team to support carbon offset projects in South America.

What’s been so encouraging is how many of our suppliers and freelancers want to work with us to achieve our goals.

Though we are incredibly proud to have achieved Albert certification, it’s important for us to achieve long term sustainability and going forwards we will be looking at ways to measure this annually to keep track of our progress.” Emma Goldberg, Production Executive

“It has been a pleasure to take on the important task of putting sustainability and albert certification at the heart of such a major project, watched by so many viewers around the UK.” Mark Demuth, Controller of ITV Sport, Production

The sports broadcasting industry has a large environmental impact mainly due to the large amount of travel and energy involved. It is very positive that such an important production has looked into its environmental impact and worked hard to reduce it. I hope the hard work done by ITV Sports’ production team will set an example for other sport productions to follow.” Roser Canela-Mas, Industry Sustainability Manager, albert Consortium


Some of the sustainable production techniques implemented by ITV Sport production team include:

  • At Royal Ascot – opt in printing of call sheets and scripts, working with the catering company to ensure only reusable cutlery and plates are provided, installing recycling bins around the whole compound, encouraging car sharing and providing a shuttle service.
  • At the World Cup – opt in printing of call sheets and scripts, installing recycling bins, encouraging car sharing and walking, encouraging production meetings via Google hangout or conference call, buying local and seasonal products where possible, using reusable water bottles and cups, working with suppliers to ensure the set is recycled.
  • All World Cup flights that could not be avoided were offset by supporting carbon offset projects in Colombia and Panama. To reduce the volume of flights, where possible some local crew were employed and mostly road freight instead of air freight was used.

For more information about ITV’s Corporate Responsibility strategy visit or contact Julia Giannini on [email protected]

For more information about albert certification visit or email Roser Canela-Mas on [email protected].

About ITV

ITV, as an integrated producer broadcaster, creates, owns and distributes high-quality content on multiple platforms. We operate the largest commercial family of channels in the UK and deliver our content through traditional television broadcasting as well as on demand via the ITV Hub. For more information please visit

About ITV Responsibility

ITV’s social purpose is to use its influence on popular culture to create positive change. Our Corporate Responsibility strategy addresses our on-screen impact by raising awareness and encouraging our viewers to act on important social issues, and our off-screen impact by ensuring we are running a responsible business. For more information please visit

About the albert Consortium

albert is a collaborative BAFTA, indie and broadcaster backed project that provides the film and TV industries with the necessary expertise and opportunities to take action on environmental sustainability. Governed by an industry consortium, the group aims for all UK screen content to be made in a way that benefits individuals, industry organisations and the planet. Formed in 2011 the albert Consortium is supported by 14 of the UK’s largest production companies and broadcasters:  BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky, all3media, Endemol Shine Group, Fremantle, Hat Trick, IMG, Kudos, NBC Universal International Television, Twofour, UKTV,  Warner Bros. Television Production UK and Tinopolis. The group is further bolstered by 23 affiliate members who make all albert tools freely available to the 650 organisations across the industry. For more information please visit

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ITV Responsibility ITV supporting Green GB WeekPosted on2:33 pm - Oct 23, 2018

[…] We also hosted Carbon Literacy training for our production teams in all our main hub sites in Manchester, Leeds and London. These sessions, part of a national training scheme, provide the TV and film industries with the skills and tools to mount a non-political, optimistic, science-based response to climate change. Having hosted a number of sessions with a variety of production teams over the last year or so, we’ve been seeing some great results, including our ITV Sport’s Royal Ascot and World Cup production teams achieving albert certification for their 2018 coverage in recognition of the sustainable production techniques they implemented. Read more about their achievements here. […]