Certification Scheme Open for Consultation

Certification Scheme Open for Consultation

BASIS Sustainable Sport Certification Scheme

BASIS (the British Association for Sustainable Sport) is planning to launch a certification scheme that recognises improved sustainability performance of sports organisations that operate from fixed venues or facilities. The certification scheme has been written to encourage and incentivise these organisations to reduce their environmental, economic and social impacts and to operate in a more sustainable way. It is intended to complement other available schemes which certify specified events or that assess a management system rather than explicitly recognising improved performance. Professional, amateur, grassroots and community sports can all attain recognition for their achievements through the BASIS Sustainable Sport Certification Scheme.

The purpose of the consultation

The purpose of the consultation is to obtain comments, thoughts and responses from as wide a range of interested individuals and organisations as possible, including sports clubs and teams, all sports venues (including stadia, sports centres and leisure facilities), governing bodies as well as sustainability professionals from other sectors.

What we want your comments on

We want comments on any aspect of the proposed certification scheme. This could be anything from the specific wording of individual questions to general thoughts on the need for a sport-specific sustainability certification scheme. Is the breadth of the criteria wide enough? Are the question too detailed, or about right? Would you have access to most of the information that we have asked about? Would a certification scheme like this, that specifically recognises improved performance, be of interest to you and your organisation?


Please send any thoughts, comments or edited documents to [email protected]

This first consultation period will close on Friday 14th June. Please return any comments before the end of this period.